A Moment of Silence (Original Meditation Mix)

by Solarsoul

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"A Moment of Silence"
RELEASE DATE: 2016-05-18
LABELS: Solarsoul Shop

Official video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyFOGdCeOQQ

My new work "A Moment of Silence", written under the influence of a trip to the Republic of Belarus on the grave of my great-grandfather, who died in the Great Patriotic War in 1943.
The track can be said is made from scrap materials. The sounds of nature have been recorded on to phone in the early morning near the forest. Fog shrouded the small field and the only birds and airplanes occasionally break this silence. Stunning picture. Probably, at such moments, one realizes how much man is insignificant in this world and small. Photo for the cover design have been also made on a phone. As a result, a very small batch of tools and has turned such a meditative track.

Dedicated to all those who did not come back ...

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Model: Faestock Jessica Truscott
Official web site:http://jessicatruscott.weebly.com/

Cover Art & Video installation by Solarsoul
Photo by Solarsoul
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released May 18, 2016



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